July 30, 2010

Girl Gumshoe Manifesto

I wanted to be one. A girl gumshoe--a Harriet or a Turtle or, most of all, a Nancy. I became a poet instead. Rather than investigate crimes, I am involved in the investigation of word, sound, and meaning. But in some ways, mystery and poetry are similar. Both are rife with alternate endings, nefarious characters, lies, clues, and cryptic messages. And so, I begin Girl Gumshoe with those similarities in mind. My goal: to write poems inspired by the titles of the original Nancy Drew series, written by the collective of mysterious authors known as Carolyn Keene. These poems will appear as I complete them, in the order that the original titles were published. They will not be limited to the original stories, however. I don't know what they will be about, frankly. It's a mystery.